Public Tenders

Listed below are current opportunities to bid on public tenders for goods and services at ANBL.

You are invited to click on any of the listings you are interested in to access a PDF copy of the advertisement.


Licensee Listings

We will be pleased to discuss the possibility of listing product especially for your business. This could be specialty or imported beers, new package sizes, special label wines, etc. Please forward your requests to your Liquor Store Manager.

Licensee Liquor Order Processing

Our store personnel will accept your order by telephone, e-mail, FAX or personal delivery. We will prepare the order for pick-up within 24 hours of the scheduled order period. Licensees may place two orders per week, exclusive of keg beer orders. During peak seasonal periods additional orders can be arranged in consultation with our Store Manager – generally the same day!

Licensee Self-Serve

If the convenience of self-serve shopping is of interest to you, see your Liquor Store Manager for details. Under the self-serve option, approved licensees can shop during retail hours without prior arrangements with the store staff. Purchases must be $500.00 or less and normal payment terms apply. Once your sale is processed at the point-of sale, an invoice will be printed for you at the liquor store office at the same time. This option is an addition to, not a replacement for, our licensed establishment order-processing program.

Licensee Price List

Licensees can refer to Alcool NB Liquor's Price List for pricing information. Click here to view the Product Price List.

Payment Options

Alcool NB Liquor is pleased to offer numerous payment options: Cash, Debit Card “Interac”, Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard and American Express, Money Orders, ANBL Gift Cards, Cheques Supported by Letter of Guarantee. As an added customer service, we also offer cash back on purchases with debit card – just ask at the checkout.

Agency Store Program

The agency store program has been established to provide improved services to the public where ANBL has chosen to not establish a corporate store, to serve customers at more convenient locations, to generate incremental sales for ANBL, and to assist in the development of the beverage alcohol industry in New Brunswick.

Agency stores will typically be established in communities without an existing beverage alcohol outlet and where the estimated annual sales potential is between $350,000 and $3,000,000. Special geographic or tourism considerations may affect establishment or retention of an agency in a community, or may result in the establishment of a seasonal agency store.

Location selection is based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the population base being served, visibility and potential drive-by traffic, distance from existing points of service, and potential to grow ANBL’s business. In some communities, the agency store will replace an ANBL outlet planned for closure. ANBL’s Board of Directors, with responsibility for making agency store appointments, will make its decisions in the best interests of the corporation, and based on sound business practice.

Agents will be permitted to sell beer, wine, spirits and other alcoholic beverages available at ANBL corporate stores to licensees and the general public.

Click here to view the Liquor Agency Store Program policy document in PDF format.