Forms and Who to Contact

  • I’m looking for a passive solicitation/fundraising opportunity at my local store(s). How do I get started?
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  • I am a supplier trying to introduce my brand to ANBL. How do I start?
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  • Special Event License and Special Occasion Information and Forms
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  • Gift Card Balance?
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  • I live outside New Brunswick. Can I send a gift card to someone in the province?
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  • How much product can I bring across the US border?
  • 45 Litres. The duty free entitlement for individuals crossing the border is 1.5L of wine /spirits or 24 cans of beer. Quantities above and beyond the duty free entitlement have federal duties, provincial mark ups, and HST applied.

Depot Stores

  • Where are the Depot Stores?
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  • What products are on sale in the Depot Stores
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Product Related Questions

  • Can my store obtain a product from another ANBL store?
  • If your local outlet does not carry a desired brand, please ask our staff to source it for you. With the exception of sale items, Depot, Liquidation, Last Chance, and Discounted products, all products carried by ANBL will be made available in all stores and agencies throughout the province, subject to availability. Customers of agency outlets will also be able to use this service. There is no additional charge for this service. Customers are encouraged to obtain further details on the product availability program from their local ANBL outlet.

  • Can you ship products outside the province?
  • Unfortunately, it is illegal for Alcool NB Liquor to sell alcoholic beverages outside of our province of New Brunswick, Canada. You may be able to contact your provincial liquor authority and ask if they can source the product from ANBL.

  • Where can I get a keg?
  • Only the two micro-breweries in New Brunswick sell kegs to the public. Pump House Brewery in Moncton can be reached at 506-855-2337 and Picaroon's in Fredericton can be reached at 506-457-9082.

  • Where can I find beverage containers information?
  • The Department of Environment is responsible for the administration of the Beverage Containers Act, and Alcool NB Liquor must abide by the requirements of the Act that apply to beverage alcohol containers. The link on this page will allow the viewer to access information provided by Environment that relates to the redemption of beverage alcohol containers and more generally to any containers that fall under the Act. It also provides a list of redemption centres operating in the Province of New Brunswick. The information found through this link is provided as a service by Alcool NB Liquor. We do not have any responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Should you have any questions about the Beverage Containers Act and the redemption process, the questions should be directed to the Department of Environment. Beverage Containers Act

  • What is your return policy?
  • All product returns must be accompanied by a receipt to be eligible for refund. Exchanges due to product quality issues do not require a receipt.

  • I am considering becoming a manufacturer of beer, wine or spirits? What are the steps and approximately how long will it take to acquire approval?
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