1916: Prohibition makes the distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages illegal in Canada.

1927 : Prohibition is rescinded and the Provinces are given jurisdiction over the importation, distribution, and sale of beverage alcohol. This sees the creation of the New Brunswick Liquor Control Board.

1962: The New Brunswick Liquor Control Commission replaces the Liquor Control Board. On premises sale and consumption is introduced for restaurants, bars, taverns, etc.

1976: The N.B. Liquor Corporation is created by legislation resulting in the separation of the sales and licensing/control functions. Administration and enforcement of the Liquor Control Act remained with the Department of Finance through the Liquor Licensing Board. That Board has since been disbanded and these functions have been moved to the Department of Public Safety.
The New Brunswick Liquor Corporation is a Provincial Crown Corporation responsible for the purchase, importation, distribution, and retail activity for all beverage alcohol in the Province of New Brunswick. Alcool NB Liquor (ANBL) is directed by an eight member Board of Directors; seven are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, and the eighth is the CEO. Decisions and directions from the Board are guided by section 6(3) of the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation Act:

“The Board shall administer the affairs of the Corporation on a commercial basis and all decisions and actions of the Board are to be based on sound business practices.”

The Corporation contributes in excess of $164 million directly to the general fund of the Provincial Government. This is comprised of over $2.2 million in collections for the Environmental Trust Fund, and over $289,000 in real property taxes.

The central office and warehouse complex is located in Fredericton. ANBL services the public and licensees through a network of 44 corporate retail outlets and 82 private agency store outlets. ANBL’s product portfolio is comprised of over 2,100 products, including wines, spirits, beers and other products, such as coolers and ready to drink beverages.

ANBL’s purchasing by-law follows the spirit and intent of the Public Purchasing Act. Additionally, construction contracts are awarded and administered consistent with the Crown Construction Contracts Act.

To responsibly manage a profitable liquor business for New Brunswick.

To be a leading retailer driven by customer experience.

To deliver on our mission, we value:

Service Excellence
Our People
Corporate Citizenship